Does Connect Spokane accept donations?

We don't accept donations or any gifts. We are self funded and prefer to keep it that way. We do this to help other Non-Profits on this site and around town to receive that funding. We do appreciate anyone wanting to support us and encourage them to share this site.

Connect Spokane was created to offer a direct source of assistance and low-income discounts in Spokane Washington. We have tried to develop a hub that has a 99% up time. We will be happy to help anyone seeking extra assistance. Thanks for visiting and we hope you find Connect Spokane helpful for your needs.

Our site is currently being updated. Please bear with us as we will be adding pages daily.

If a resource you are looking for is not yet listed please contact us!

What's currently happening

Get up to $500 in COVID energy assistance from Snap. Visit them @ or call 456-SNAP(7627) and ask about energy assistance.

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Current Food Distribution

On May 11, Employment Security launched “Operation 100%” to get all eligible Washingtonians their benefits as quickly as possible. The baseline is set at those who have applied by May 1, 2020.

Hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians have lost work or had hours reduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Employment Security Department has paid out billions of dollars to more than half a million Washingtonians since the crisis began in early March, but many are still waiting for their claim to be processed and a payment to be made.

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