Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for transportation assistance you must:

  • Have a current ProviderOne services card.

  • Have no other way to reach your medical appointment.

  • Ensure that the appointment is covered by your Apple Health program.

Requesting transportation assistance

Contact the transportation broker for your county if outside of Spokane. The transportation broker will arrange the most appropriate type of transportation to the closest medical provider offering the type of service you need.

Be sure you have the following information available when requesting transportation services:

  • Your ProviderOne services card

  • Your complete pick-up address

  • The name and phone number of your medical provider

  • Exact appointment date and time

  • The type of health care appointment (i.e. dialysis, OB, dental, etc.)

  • Your return time, if known

We recommend that you contact the transportation broker at least 7-14 days in advance of your health care appointment. Giving your transportation broker advanced notice may increase the likelihood a ride can be found for you. If your request is made less than two business days before your appointment, the transportation broker may ask you to try and reschedule your medical appointment, as transportation resources are limited and may not be available.

Special Mobility Services



TDD/TTY: 509-534-8566 or 800-821-7167